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F#CK The Algorithm - Grow an audience as an artist by thinking outside the box

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Over the past 20 months, my Instagram page has grown from 112 to 26,8k followers. How did I do it?

Why having an audience as an artist is so important?

If you want to turn your passion into your career or a side hustle of yours, building an audience is crucial.

Who's going to buy from you if no one knows you?

On the one side it can give you better job opportunities: Major studios might already know you because of your following and therefore hire your more easily.

This is the reason why many bigger artists had the opportunity to work with big names like Disney or Pixar.

On the other side, which is even cooler: With an audience, you can become your own boss and start your own creative business.

Think of all the successful artists on Instagram who make a living from selling their art - you can be that too. You just need to know how to build a strong personal brand as an artist.

An audience opens many doors to living your passion.

It's not your fault that you didn't grow so far!

Because you believed in the wrong ideas.

You probably heard this a lot from other artists:

"To grow your art-page just post consistently, work on your skills and be patient!"

Posting consistently and having decent art skills really isn't a guarantee for success.

In fact, you could post 200 artworks over the course of 4 years and still not grow, if you don't know what you're doing.

And you probably also experienced this.

The organic reach on most social media platforms simply isn't big enough to just grow through consistent posting - you also need to implement outside-the box-tactics to gain attention otherwise.

I am successfully growing my page for 2 years now and I exactly know which tactics work, which don´t, how to optimize your profile so visits convert to followers, how to gain reach on multiple levels, etc.

So I genuinely believe that everyone can grow their artpage if they know how and are dedicated enough.

About me

But why should you listen to me? Here´s my story:

Back in October 2019 - shortly before the pandemic - I bought my first graphic tablet and decided to grow my artpage. 2 years later I have almost 30k followers - so this graphic tablet was probably the best 50$ investment in my life.

Because I was heavily interested in marketing I daily figured out new ways and tactics to gain more attention on Instagram.

That's why I was growing faster than the average. I grew from 0 to 7k followers in around 10 months.

(My page was named "furkantezy" and I had this profile picture back then: )

Because of my reach and a certain tactic (which you will learn later) I was also getting commissions 3-4 times per week:

This was the first money I ever made through the internet and it was an amazing feeling. Sure, sometimes it can be hard to work with clients, but earning money with something you love doing doesn´t really feel like work.

After earning some good money through commissions I later on decided that I want to change my creative direction, because I noticed that I personally am more interested in marketing than art.

That´s when I decided to rebrand my page to teezytheturtle, where I started to post artmemes and tips for artists.

There I also post tips and tricks for artists about how they can gain more reach on Instagram. Since I grew my personal artpage from 0 to 8k and then my art-theme page from 8k to 30k I really know what you need to do to become successful on Instagram.

I get DM´s daily asking for tips and tricks, and I probably helped over 100 artists in this time:

Because I was getting so many DM´s, I decided to reverse engineer my success and the success of other artists I helped and wrote all my knowledge down which accumulated within these 2 years.

For example: In the last 2 months I was putting barely any work in my page, didn´t hit the explorepage anymore, etc and therefore my reach and growth declined:

But then I got motivated again, and just implemented my own tips which I preach in this eBook and within 2-3 weeks I fixed my growth:

What you will learn in this eBook

The issue with most growth tips on Instagram is that they aren´t made for artists. Sure, "posting every day consistently" is a great tip but how should you be able to do that as an artist - you obviously can´t post an artwork every day.

But since I faced the exact same issues when it comes to growth on Instagram, I tailored this eBook especially for artists.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How you´re able to post more than 3 times a week as an artist without heavy work or burning out
  • The best 15 ways to gain reach on Instagram - even independently from the algorithm
  • My tactic with which I gained around 500 followers per month
  • Which growing tactics DON`T work and are a waste of time
  • How to get more profilevisits
  • How to optimize your profile, so visitors become followers effectively
  • How to build a strong connection to your following
  • How to build a strong personal brand as an artist
  • How to get commissions
  • How to get high paying commissions
  • The best ways to earn money with the audience you´re now able to build


  • Exclusive insights from my 30k following page - to prove that my tactics work
  • A case study on how I bought an ad for 50$ which resulted in 600+ real engaged followers (don't worry - all the other growth tactics can be done with 0$)
  • Future update-versions of this eBook
  • Free little email course where I will motivate you to take actions and show you case studies from other readers of this eBook
  • A case study from an artist who grew from 0 to 100k followers within 18 months!
  • An invite to my Discord group, with other 1,800+ like-minded, aspiring artists


Length: 198 pages!

Who is this eBook for?

This ebook is for:

✅ artists and designers who want to earn money with their art

✅ artists who want to inspire others

✅ artists who are willing to work for their dream

Whom is this eBook NOT for?

This ebook is NOT for:

❌ artists who don´t want to pursue their passion

❌ artists who aren´t willing to put some effort into their page

❌ artists who´re searching for excuses why their page isn´t growing

❌ you - if your artpage already grows by 9-14 followers daily (you won't need this guide if you already have the results it provides)

Refund policy:

If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, just send me a DM on Insta @Teezytheturtle within 30 days and you'll get a full refund - no questions asked.

What other artists say:







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Okay, but how much does this cost?

If you would want to grow your page solely through ads you would need to invest several 1,000$'s!

I thought a lot about how much I should offer this valuable information for. So I just asked my readers and most valued the eBook at 30-40$:

However, you´re lucky! I really am a big fan of overdelivering and therefore currently offer the eBook for only 19.99$!

Start working for your dreams today!

The organic reach of each social media platform is declining constantly (because of ads, more competition, etc.) - building an audience only becomes harder. So it´s important that you take action now and learn to build an audience today.

Length: 198 pages

Next price: 24.99$ !

I can only sell ~40 copies of this eBook each month, because I currently don't want to earn more (due to my study fundings and insurance). So, if it is currently out of stock - I am sorry you have to wait until next month.

If it´s currently sold out you can DM me on Insta @Teezytheturtle and I will notify you as soon as it´s available again - before it´s sold out again.

Just press on the "I want this!"-button to grab a copy - if you should have any problems with downloading the eBook just send me a DM on Insta @Teezytheturtle

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Refund policy:

If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, just send me a DM on Insta @Teezytheturtle within 30 days and you'll get a full refund - no questions asked.

Last updated May 31, 2023

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F#CK The Algorithm - Grow an audience as an artist by thinking outside the box

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